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About us.

Building Communities Through Music

The Jazz Exchange is a minority-led organization that curates creative programming, offering audiences

to discover new venues, meet new people, experience new artists, and mentor future generations of young artists.


Born out of a collaboration of mutual admiration, vision and respect for the arts and educatio

 the duo Candice Reyes and Abel Mireles lead The Jazz Exchange. The couple not only has a shared musical experiences as professional musicians but shares the vision and belief of the importance of building communities through music and being a part of something larger than yourself.


The Jazz Exchange has gained a reputation in the U.S. and Internationally as an organization that has been preeminent

in supporting underserved artists and local businesses in their communities and fostering the importance of mentorship throgh music education.


What started as a vision quickly spread into a local and then a global community to come together in unique

and welcoming spaces - with an added element of surprise - to discover new venues, meet new people, and experience new artists. We collaborate with artists, businesses, freelancers which has been proven to inspire personal development, create opportunities, prepare our future citizens, and build communities locally and globally. 


The Jazz Exchange Secret Shows are immersive concert experiences at unique venues in cities around the world.

Each Secret Show consists of a performance by an emerging artist followed by a featured artist.

DISCOVER a new venue, MEET new people, EXPERIENCE new artists.


The Exchange Live Sessions is our efforts to Express + Discuss + Connect with full-time musicians

and supporters of jazz and their music, as well as ask the questions that encounter challenges in the music industry,

especially during these difficult times. These conversations and listening discussions are interactive with our viewers and listeners on Facebook & Youtube Live.


The Jazz Exchange is transforming the concept of live performances into a virtual experience for audiences to connect around the world. A global platform where artists can connect virtually to collaborate through audio and video production.


The Jazz Exchange Education Program builds bridges for a dynamic community of emerging artists and leaders from El Paso and Juarez area.

We connect our students to organizations and institutions that expand their opportunities with a diverse community of like-minded peers, a safe environment, mentorship through some of the top artists in the jazz industry, and a supportive path to excellence.

Learning happens in communities and participants who are part of our education program develop communication and life skills.


Candice Reyes
Executive Director & Founder

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Abel Mireles
Artistic Director & Founder

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