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Maciej Fortuna

Maciej Fortuna is a Polish trumpeter, composer, and music producer. He has a Ph.D. degree in musical arts and an M.A. degree in law and actively pursues his artistic career. In his work, he strives to create his own language of musical expression and expand the sound palette of his instrument. He enjoys experimenting with combining different art forms. An important element of his creative work consists of the use of live electronics. He creates and directs multimedia concerts and video productions. Fortuna Music is a record label and music studio established in 2012. It was created as a means to achieve artistic independence and unrestricted creative freedom as well as an opportunity to create an own way of expression. The label’s mission consists in putting into practice Fortuna’s creative ideas. // A few words from myself: in music, it is wonderful to be independent. Today such independence – not waiting for anyone and setting one’s own path – has become almost impossible.


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Vyable Coffee


Vibrant culture. Open concept.

Our space is bright, full of plants light, and color. We have worked hard to create small spaces, with access to power, comfortable artistic seating, and great coffee! Come stay awhile. Our shop is a place where friends are made, ideas are created and flavors are vibrant.
We want our space to be about life, and bring life to one another.

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Founders Candice Reyes & Abel Mireles

The Jazz Exchange is an organization committed to building communities through music.

Our programs provide a platform where audiences can discover new venues, meet new people,

and experience new artists.

The Jazz Exchange es una organización comprometida con la construcción de comunidades a través de la música. Nuestros programas brindan una plataforma donde el público puede descubrir nuevos lugares,

conocer gente nueva y experimentar nuevos artistas.

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Every day The Jazz Exchange strives to bring communities together with this music through all our different programs. This April is just an extra effort to bring awareness and to celebrate and embrace the beautiful music, history, and culture of America's earliest and iconic art forms. How it plays an important role in today's society and around the world. Let’s show our support, love, and respect for Jazz each and every day!

International Jazz Day + Benefit Concert

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Witness jazz history in the making as The Jazz Exchange leads an exclusive live concert to celebrate Jazz History Month and support The Jazz Exchange. 

Ticketed Event (More Details Coming Soon!) 

Sun City Jazz Sessions in April

More dates, special guests, and jam sessions coming soon! 

The Jazz Exchange Secret Shows 2023 Series

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